Ramiro Ray Martinez is a retired Texas Ranger who began his colorful thirty year law enforcement career in September 1960 with the Austin Police Department. Martinez is known for his role in bringing to an end the University of Texas Sniper Incident on August 1st, 1966. He served as a uniformed officer and as a Sergeant Investigator.

In 1969 he joined the Texas Department of Public Safety as a Narcotics Agent when the drug problem was escalating and law enforcement was lacking funds and training to cope with the growing epidemic.

It was in 1973 when he received the coveted Texas Ranger Badge and was assigned to Laredo. It was the beginning of eighteen years of not only investigating major crimes but also participating in history making investigations of corruption and voter fraud mostly in South Texas. Upon his retirement in December 1991, he was licensed as a private investigator. In 1994 he was elected to a four year term as a Justice of the Peace in Comal County.

His autobiography, "They Call Me Ranger Ray," was published in October 2004 and continues to be very successful as he is in demand as a public speaker.

As a history buff he began to search for the roots of Texas Police History prior to 1960 when he began his law enforcement career. What he discovered was so enlightening that he documented his findings in his new book called, "CREATING THE PROFESSIONAL TEXAS LAWMAN," sharing this information with past and present Texas Lawmen plus fans of Texana.